Mediterranean Home Décor

Mediterranean Home Décor

Mediterranean Home Décor
Like the name says, this type of decoration has its roots in the coasts of Spain, Greece, Italy, and northern Afrika. The key features are the light colors, so you must maximize the amount of light that enters the rooms as much as possible. Try to avoid curtains or furniture close to the windows.

Try to paint your walls in light colors so that they reflect as much light as possible, something similar with the accessories and complements in the room, look for light green, light blue, almost white accessories.

The key material for all the furniture needs to be wood; it will feel like the Mediterranean cost is right there. As much flowers and plants as possible too, finally try to avoid lots of technology devices.

All the rooms in the house have to be as big a possible and not filled with big furniture, have in mind that the Mediterranean wave is for free open minded people, so having a place to walk around and not feel tightened is a must. Also, think about having multipurpose rooms as well, why not have dinner on the couch, and read in the kitchen with a glass of wine? These are the spirit.



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