Mediterranean Decor

Mediterranean Decor

Originating from the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea – such as Spain, Italy or Morocco – Mediterranean decor has influences from all of these regions. With a blend of styles that can be formal or more casual and functional – but always with a look that warms the senses and brings Mother Nature’s colors into the home.

The gorgeous colors of the sea and the sky – with shades of blue like you have never seen before because they are so brilliant – are essential components of Mediterranean decor. Other colors of plants, flowers, and the desert – warm rose, red, yellow, green and amber – are also found along with many piles of earth toned colors of beige and brown and tan that represent the drier desert regions. These colors are incorporated into the fabrics, the furnishings, and the floor coverings along with accent pieces that are used throughout a home.

Mosaic tiles are often representative of a Mediterranean decor – again in vibrant colors – that are used throughout a home. Tiles can be found in flooring inside or outside on the patio. Moroccan tiles can be found in fountains or on table tops in the backyard or the kitchen. Countertops or backsplashes can be tiled or borders used around a ceiling or countertop to accent. Tiles are also used in bathrooms – in the showers or bathtubs or as trim – and brightly colored wash basins are used to make bold statements.

Painted walls in jewel toned hues of blue, red, rose or amber are often seen in Mediterranean decor to enhance a room and give it more character. Other techniques are to use textured walls that give it more depth. This is done with layers of paint and glaze that are hand applied on plaster or sand textured surfaces.Hand-loomed rugs in brilliant colors and geometric designs are other accents used under a dining room table or even as an artwork hanging on the wall. Accent pillows of silk embroidered fabric are often used on sofas to add splashes of color or on leather sofas or chairs.

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