Home Decor Trends

Home Decor Trends

Summertime. And the outdoor living has become that much easier. It’s been aided in no small part by the recent trend towards opening up home decor to outdoor living. There seems little that hasn’t been readopted or repurposed to weather the elements and take up residence on the patio or deck.

For the entertainment enthusiast, outdoor poker tables or pool tables ensure no need for air fresheners to overcompensate for the stale cigar smoke presiding over boy’s night. And wireless speakers are sure to help pump up the volume while ably assisting in muting the lamentation over an invisible hand. Where the boys are, you’re also likely to find they’ve got game and more than liable to locate the game on. With the increasing popularity of outdoor televisions including flat panel TVs, game night has never looked so good and outdoor sports has taken on a whole new meaning.

For the budding chef whose tastes may lean more towards an outdoor kitchen included a prep and cooking area, outdoor refrigerator, fully stocked refrigerated bar and light scraping to ensure dinner is served up well after the sun goes down, that outdoor tv may well serve as an educational tool for the creation of new and exotic cuisine. Of course, where you find an outdoor kitchen complete with its island, you’re also likely to find an outdoor dining area that goes a little beyond the picnic table or plastic furniture of yesteryear. After all, you can’t have your crab cake without a place to eat it too.

While teak remains de rigor and enduring both in style and in standing up when the rain’s pouring down, dining al fresco has gone upscale with full sets popular in wicker, rattan, bamboo or other natural materials. To give the space a setting to match that of the outdoor tableware, outdoor area rugs create the sensibility and illusion of setting up a room outdoors. Area rugs have also witnessed a transition, no longer staid and content to be walked all over. Outdoor area rugs, while remaining as ably enduring have picked up a veritable rainbow of colors with a palette to match any blossoming spring colors from the garden. Pair that with an outdoor chandelier and your dining area well may prove too formal to be subjected to burgers and dogs.

After dinner, linger over dessert and the conversation of intimates from the comfort of an outdoor living room. Settle on a couch or a loveseat and watch your garden transform itself and the evening’s early light change the mood for you. All of that and more can be warmed from the ambient light of your outdoor fireplace.

And if dinner happened to have a romantic feel to it, there is, at the end of the night, the hot tub to look forward to. While typically an outdoor fixture, it too has been updated to bring a little indoor sensibility to the outside. Recent trends include not only aromatherapy but full stereo capability with multiple speakers. And as the evening takes its sweet time settling down by the light of the silvery moon, the simple push of a button can elevate a flat screen tv secreted within the wall of your hot tub allows for viewing of the late, late show, or slip a DVD in to make it viewer’s choice.

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