FleurDeLis Intro

FleurDeLis Intro

In the beginning…

I had this idea to share my design vision and insights in hopes to inspire others.  I am not a design professional, but I’ve been told that I have a “good eye.”  So, I’d like to share this with you!  I’ve lived 4 years in Asia and 4 yrs in Europe, and been to all the surrounding countries in each location, so I’ve seen a lot, bought a lot of items and have a very East meets West fusion that works for my style.  The common denominator is quatrefoil design, both in iron and wood works.  I’ve found that using neutral colors with “pops” of red, green, gold, and blue are my favorite!  Stick with me and I’ll show you pictures of my world-wide travels and show you various design ideas so you can create your own style!!  Ciao!

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