Do It Yourself Summer Trends

Do It Yourself Summer Trends

Ah, summer is here. Time for lazy weekends, breezy days, no worries. Nothing but rest and relaxation in all this glorious and beautiful weather.

I’m bored now. So rather than spend an entire summer flitting about listlessly, why don’t we come up with a project? So many to choose from. Let’s try and pick a few quick and easy ones.


You know those pots and pans you’ve had forever? They’re burnt inside, and you cringe every time you touch them? Well, there’s a way to clean them, and it’s super easy!

Fill the pan with water; add a cup of white vinegar; bring it to boil on the stove; take it off the stove; add two tablespoons of baking soda; let it cool; wipe it out. Boom! Clean. Like magic.


How about a custom cutting board that fits over your sink? It’s quick and easy to do. Measure the width of your sink basin, then add about a half an inch to each side. Take a piece of butcher block and use a jigsaw to trim it down to size. Carefully create a lip on the underside so it sits properly over the basin, and now you’ve got extra prep space.


This one is a bit more circumstance-specific. If you happen upon an old door, a home interior door specifically, they can make excellent headboards. All it takes is a bit of cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, some texture and/or hardware, and a few personal touches to make it all your own. I’ve seen Firefly lights and lace, or stencil painted letters. Plenty of options. Mounting it to the wall behind the bed is quick and easy, and it gives your whole bedroom a truly unique look.

Well, it may not be enough to get through the whole summer, but it’s enough to get started! Certainly, enough to get the ideas moving and the creative juices flowing.

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