Creating Accent Walls

Creating Accent Walls

A new trend in interior decorating today is creating accent walls in any room in your home. This wall will become the focal point in your room, drawing your eye to the wall and giving the room a certain flair. An excellent way to set it apart is to paint this wall a different color. This does not have to be a drastically different color but a slightly deeper shade or a complementary color.

Painting your accent wall with a different color will make it stand out and then you can begin to add interest to the wall and make it your own. One way to enhance an accent wall is with peel-and-stick wall decals.

Make sure that they are removable and if they can be repositioned that’s a big plus. Accent walls are a great alternative to wallpapering one wall because they can show your true style and you can arrange and design the wall exactly as you would like. They are not permanent or damaging to your walls and don’t have to be installed professionally. Using wall graphics or wall decals to accent one wall brings a unique element to the room without making it feel overdone.

Accent walls are also great for apartments because if they are advertised as being removable, they shouldn’t damage your walls. Accentuating one wall, can enhance a small space or room and is a good way to tie the room together. If you don’t want to damage a rental wall, by putting up removable decals instead of wallpaper, you can achieve a similar effect to personalize your space without spending an enormous amount of time or money.

Decorating your home with accent walls is relatively inexpensive but remember, you get what you pay for when buying wall decals. Most decals are sold online, and size and quality can be deceiving. Make sure that you read the fine print page for size and material used. They should be removable and even better if re-positionable.



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